Deadliest Animals on The Planet

#1 Blue-Ringed Octopus
The blue-ringed octopus can be found in crevices in tide pools and coral reefs. Despite their small size (5 to 8 inches), their venom is powerful enough to take down a human. Once bitten, numbness and paralysis may begin to take place. Death usually results from respiratory failure.
#12 Golden Dart Frog
The poison dart frog may be small, but it packs a deadly poison called batrachotoxins. Coming into contact with one of these guys can kill you almost instantaneously. Each one carries enough poison to kill between 10-20 humans.

The World's Ugliest Animals

#1 Chinese Crested
Not all of the world's ugliest animals are exotic. This frighteningly ugly creature is in fact a dog. It's a Chinese Crested to be exact. And it's so hideous that it's been officially dubbed The World's Ugliest Dog. No one's going to dispute that he came by it honestly.
#6 Blobfish
Finally, the blobfish. If you're wondering why, it's time for an eye exam. This gooey wonder lives off the coast of Australia. Somehow, it feeds on crabs and lobsters. We have a feeling that it frightens them to death and then feeds on their corpse.

Amazing Extinct Animals

#1 Quagga
Like a mix between the zebra and horse, the quagga was striped in the front half of its body (with brown and white) and solid brown in its backside with some white. It was the first extinct animal to have its DNA analyzed in 1984, and it was found that it was more closely related to the zebra than the horse. Because they were so easy to find, they were hunted for their meat and skins. They were also shipped from South Africa to Europe for the zoos often.
#10 Giant Ground Sloths
Ground sloths (which is actually used to describe several very gigantic sloths) could be as large as 20 feet an weigh up to four tons. More like an elephant than the cute cuddly sloths we see today. It’s believed that they were hunted to death considering how much meat they would’ve had on them, no one is really sure as to how this species became extinct.

The Strangest Animals You've Never Heard Of

#1 Spiny Orb Weaver Spider
With its protective turtle-like shield and certain species who have a color scheme similar to Iron Man's suit. They are found in America, keep your eyes peeled!
#10 Fossa
Madagascar was fictional, but every one of the animals you saw, including the energetic singing Fossa, were based off real characters. Get us one of these in exchange for a dog, ASAP!